BioSig-ID™ Support Strategies

NMLS Student Authentication support site offers self-help resources including how-to and troubleshooting articles and instructional videos.   When the student needs additional assistance, they may submit a help ticket from this site. 

NMLS Student Authentication Support site:

If you have difficulties with BIOSIG - Below are some of the most commonly used articles and videos from NMLS BioSig support site.

BioSig-ID™ Enrollment: Step-by-Step Guide


How to Enroll a BioSig-ID™ Password


How do I Reset a BioSig-ID™ Password?


How to Reset Your BioSig-ID™ Password


Most Common User Issues

   Listed below are the most common help ticket issues and recommendations on how to assist the student.

Student cannot locate enrollment link

Students contact the help desk when they have ‘heard’ or read that they will have to use BioSig-ID™  for their course, but do not know where to set up their BioSig-ID™ password.

Recommendation:  All BioSig-ID™ password enrollments occur within your course.  Please follow the natural progression of the course and you will be prompted to enroll your BioSig-ID™ password.  Throughout the course you will be prompted to validate the password you enrolled with. 

Struggle Enrolling a BioSig-ID™ Password

Students contact the help desk when they have failed to draw their password. 

Recommendation:  Below are suggestions we offer to a student that is struggling to enroll a new password:

Try drawing a different password if you struggle with your existing choice. Perhaps focus on letters and/or numbers that contain lines instead of curves, such as 4, 7, T, V, etc. The goal is to find a password you can easily repeat and remember.

The first time you draw your password it is always accepted. Then you will be asked to draw the same password in a similar (not exact) manner as you drew it the first time. These attempts will be analyzed for your unique biometric gestures. So, if the second time you draw the code slower or more careful than the first time, it will not match. Try writing the code each time with the causal movements you used the first time.   You do not have to change the code if the subsequent attempts fail.   Try the same code multiple times before resetting.

If you are using a touchscreen or touchpad, everything you draw becomes part of your password. If you accidentally lift your finger from a touchscreen or touchpad and resume, then it is seen as two separate lines even if it visually looks like one. For a touch pad, we suggest you try using both hands with your dominant hand drawing, while the other hand controls the button to activate the drawing process.

Passwords made up of straight lines or repetitive characters are not accepted.

Forgot Password or Need to Reset Password

Passwords are used annually; it is not uncommon for the student to forget what password they used last CE season.

Recommendation: The student should submit a help ticket requesting their password. The support agent will send the student their password.

Password reset code going to wrong email address

BioSig-ID™  receives the email address from the LMS when the students LMS last name and NMLS ID match exactly the students BioSig-ID™ profile last name and NMLS ID.    Multiple scenarios to review in order to properly instruct the student.   Helpful if the student uses the name as recorded in NMLS.

Recommendation options:

·       Verify students personal NMLS ID is correct on the student’s profile

o   Log in to your account and click on PROFILE: Verify If the NMLS ID is your personal NMLS ID.  To update the your LMS account profile with the correct NMLS ID: Log in to your account, Click on PROFILE, UPDATE NMLS # and save.

·       Student’s LMS account does not have correct email address.

o   Instruct the student how to update their email address on their LMS account profile. Student logs back into the course and a new reset password email will be sent to the new email address.

·       Students LMS account profile has the correct email and NMLS ID number.

o   Further review is needed to understand why the students BioSig-ID™  NMLS ID and Last Name do not match what the LMS is sending.  

o   Verify that the LMS student’s profile matches exactly as it is shown on their NMLS profile.  If the LMS information is correct, contact the BioSig-ID™ help desk for assistance with the students BioSig-ID™ profile.  Inform the support agent that the students LMS information has been verified against their NLS profile.  ( ). 

§  Common name issues

·       Student has a suffix (Jr, II) on one account and not the other

·       Student has changed their last name in one account and not the other

·       Last names with apostrophes, dashes or spaces may not match

Password Reset Code Not Working

Student indicates that they are receiving the email with the authorization code, but the code does not work, or they indicate that the account is frozen. Each time a user closes the BioSig-ID™ page and then returns a new code is generated.  They may be trying to use a code that is no longer valid.   The codes are time sensitive; the code may have expired.

Recommendation: We suggest the following:

Follow these steps to get a new authorization code:
1) Log out of your course
2) Log back into your course
3) Go to the BioSig-ID page in the course---DO NOT close this window
4) Wait a few minutes and go to your email (refresh your inbox if necessary)
5) Find the code in the email from
6) Enter this code in the box provided on the BioSig-ID page.

Not Receiving Password Reset Email

The email shown on the BioSig-ID™  screen is correct, but the student is not receiving the email. There are times when a user’s company does not allow the BioSig-ID™ password reset email to be delivered to the user’s inbox.

Recommendation options:

·       Possible that company email servers/spam filter or block emails from Be sure to check your junk and/or spam folders for these emails.

·       In some cases, the student can work with their IT support to get the emails released.  If that is not possible, we suggest that they use a different email address such as a personal email address.   The email change needs to take place on the LMS student’s profile. Next time the student accesses the BioSig-ID™  page a new code will be sent to the updated email address.  


Missing NMLS-ID#

The student is not able to enter a passcode because the NMLS ID field on the BioSig-ID™  draw page is blank.  Students will receive this error: “NMLS-ID is missing.  Please contact support of your NMLS provider to verify your NMLS-ID number is correct”

Recommendation:  Student must have some form of unique id in their account profile to authenticate. Missing NMLS ID information must be corrected on the LMS student profile/account for the student to continue.  After the information is corrected, the student should log out and back into the course and follow the instructions on the screen.   

·       Students taking the course for NMLS credit MUST use their own personal NMLS ID.  

·       PE students that do not have an NMLS ID MUST obtain a number before continuing with the course.  Link to NMLS Resource Center, Getting started section:

·       Students without an NMLS ID AND NOT requesting NMLS course credit may use their email address in place of the NMLS ID to authenticate.


Wrong NMLS-ID #

The student is not able to pass the validation and the authorization code is being sent to a different person.

In the case where they are using a known company NMLS ID they will receive this message: “Authentication was not successful.  Your account is locked and cannot be accessed.  Contact your NMLS course provider help desk for assistance in verifying your profile information is valid in regard to your NMLS-ID number (make sure it is your personal NMLS-ID) first name, last name and/or email address

Recommendation options:

·    Verify the NMLS ID on the student’s profile.   It is possible the student mistyped their NMLS ID or are using their Company NMLS id instead of their personal NMLS ID number.

o   If the NMLS ID is NOT the students personal NMLS ID.  Update the students LMS account profile with the correct NMLS ID.  Instruct the student to log out and back into their course and follow the instructions on the screen.

·    If the students LMS profile has the correct information, BioSig-ID™  support will be necessary to correct the students BioSig-ID™ profile.   An email with the student’s details sent to the help desk will be the quickest way to resolve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I take courses from multiple providers do I have to enroll a new password for each provider? 

No, once you enroll a BioSig-ID™ password under your personal NMLS-ID number your password will follow you across all providers.

I need to update my email address, how do I do this?

BioSig-ID™ and NMLS cannot update a user’s email address.  This information is passed to us from the provider.  The provider will need to update for the user unless the provider allows the end user to do this within their system.   The students last name and NMLS ID number from the LMS must match the BioSig-ID™ student profile exactly in order for BioSig-ID™ to accept the email address from the LMS.

BioSig disclaimer: BioSig is a NMLS requirement and is the vendor that NMLS has chosen - as a school we have  no control over this vendor or any issues associated with them - ALL schools are required to use this vendor for all self study courses. Please contact NMLS directly with complaints or concerns: NMLS Call Center at 1-855-NMLS-123 (1-855-665-7123)